viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

Presentation (4ª)

Hello!, my name is María I'm 15 years old and I start to talk about my high school. I don't really like school but I have to go to get good marks and can go to the college in a future. I see myself in a future studying forensic pathology in a university because I like it so much but in these next years I will try to study as much as I can because I think if I work hard I can get everything I want. I wanna go to the Complutense University because the people use to say that's a good university. I hope that in five years can be in another city and not in this town because I don't like it. I wanna go to Madrid or Barcelona, and travel all around the world and try to learn the differents customs and languages.

I think that an important language is english, is a interesting language and very important because actually in half world the people speak in english and in many jobs is very important because you have to know how speak it. In my high school, I learn too much and I think that the class method is very effective and it's ok but I think that another way to improve our english is practising every day, you can listen to music, read news or watch a film to learn a little more.

I would like that subjects like... biology could be in english, I think that this would be great and is more complicated but is a new way to progress.

This year I'm planning on participating in a new sport which begin to catch my attention this year that is skate boarding, because I like it so much. I learn better in anyway seeing and doing and try to put attention.

Sometimes I think I could be a organized person when it comes to something that I really like, but if in something that I don't like at all I try to be good in anyway. I try to do my homework every day, I do it in the afternoon, after school and I ready everyday what I have done in the morning.

I love listening to music, I'm listening in every moment when I'm not busy but while I'm studying I think that to me is not good enogh because I lose my concentration.

After school or in the weekend I use to go out with my friends to drink coffee or to try to have fun and do something different. In the class I have a friend, she's Emma but after school we don't use to go out together because we do differents things. In my free time I try to watch a film as many as I can see, because I like it so much go to the cinema or watch a movie at home and sometimes I write too, because I feel good when I'm writing about what I think or what I feel. I like to reading books or read about the things that I like or search information about a kind of theme.

Now, for example... I'm reading three books at the same time because I think that's good to learn a little more everyday. The type of music that I really like is rock and heavy metal and I could say that a little pop but I prefer rock or heavy, is the kind of music that I love in anyway. I need to listen it everyday because I feel a little better. I listen old bands too, like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Ramones,  Nirvana, Guns and Roses, The Runaways and Led Zeppelin. And singers like Lana Del Rey, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Sleeping with sirens and Asking Alexandria. I don't like the current music like Danny Romero and Juan Magan, I hate them. My favourite TV show is Frank de la Jungla, it's very funny and I have fun watching it. My favourite type of movie... all in all, I think that I don't have a favourite or a specific genre, I love cinema.

My favourite color is electric blue. If I could invite three famous people to dinner they would be Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Taylor Momsen. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are the best  actors ever to me and I'm in love with them. Taylor Momsen is my favourite girl singer from The Pretty Reckless's band. If I were stranded on a desert island I will miss my mobile phone, listening music and my computer or need to watch a film. I think that the most important quality that a teacher can have is patience and know how teach to the people. My first class ticket to travel anywhere in the world would be... to United States! and five adjectives that describes myself: Proud, shy, sensible, funny and spontaneous.

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